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Beautyberry Design


The process begins with an up to 2 hour site consult, survey and appraisal with a Royal Horticultural Society trained and certified horticulturist and garden designer. Includes linear survey measuring, aspect testing, service location, topography, and soil sampling (or testing if required). Will cover all site issues and solutions, safety hazards, pest and invasive control, client/site needs, design styles and site suitability.

The plants chosen for the design will be complimentary to the clients' existing color scheme (or new color scheme if it is to be updated) and the overall design will be unique to both the clients' home's style and personal style as well as thoroughly considered for long term maintenance requirements.  The client has the option to receive a spreadsheet of all the plants in the design including keystone plants and host plants and their respective specific beneficial insects/pollinators.  

For clients who are unsure about what color palette best suits their home, we offer 2 or 3 different color palette options so that they can see the combination of plant colors with their home colors.

A-BAUM copy.jpg

Color Palettes 


Perpective Drawings

For clients who perceive design ideas better with elevational images, we offer photo mock ups with A or B options so that they can choose the one they like better, as well as elevational perspective drawings

IMG_1698 copy_edited.jpg

Photo Mock Ups with optional
A (Left) or B (Right) options 

Phto mock.jpg
Native Container Design
Includes the sourcing of beautiful pottery, collecting of fine and rare native specimens from all over Georgia and neighbouring states, design, installation, highest quality potting soil materials, post install mulch, permanent plant labelling (if requested).  Bespoke watercolour container designs available.

PLEASE NOTE: Our general service area is10 miles of Decatur zip code 30030.

This includes the following Atlanta area zip codes:

30030, 30033, 30345, 30307, 30306, 30324, 30329, 30316, 30312, 30305, 30084, 30021, 30079, 30002, 30341

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