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Install Aftercare Information


For the first 3 weeks after your install be prepared to baby your new plants. Adequate water is critical to their survival and establishment. 

Generally perennials, grasses, vines, and ground covers should be watered more than trees and shrubs due to their smaller root balls. Ideally, water is best applied in the morning and with a thorough soaking, if the morning time isn't an option, then the evening or night time is best. If you fear you might forget or not be available to water your plants, invest in a drip line irrigation system and you can set it on a timer. The nice thing about native plants is that after establishment they won't need any more additional water - provided they are in-ground plantings - and can manage perfectly well with rainwater unless there is a prolonged drought. 
As part of your install fee, we include 2 follow up care visits within the month of install, to check in and see how your plants are getting on and to make any necessary changes if there are any issues and answer any pertinent questions.

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