Native Garden Installation Pricing

As a company focused on all aspects of sustainability, from an environmental sustainability perspective we are committed to doing no environmental harm and using the highest quality organic materials in our processes. From a social sustainability standpoint we believe that beautiful native gardens should be made accessible to all, but conversely that our BBG team deserves a liveable wage.


Every garden we work on has a bespoke design and a unique plant list and on average we spend 3-4 weeks sourcing native plants from our catalog of over 1000 species for each installation from native growers around the country.

Budgets are commonly underestimated for landscaping. We cannot and will not compete on price with general landscape companies who don't have sustainable landscape practices and source generic, mostly non-native, and often invasive plants from big box suppliers and wholesalers.


Landscaping is a trained skill and native landscaping even more so. Good landscapers cost more and just like any other trade - you get what you pay for. Landscapes made with sustainable materials, highly thought out content and structure, and well considered plants are designed to mature and last a lifetime. If you want a garden that goes beyond the standard lawn plus patio plus borders but instead have wildlife havens with artisan elements, water features, mature and specimen plants and trees, then it will cost more money. Feel free to go for the cheap options out there, but know what you are buying:

  • landscapers who are not trained, do not have horticulture knowledge, and simply dig holes

  • landscapers who know nothing about native plants and why they're important

  • landscapers who neither test, amend, or cultivate the soil

  • high carbon footprint, unethically sourced or produced, unsustainable hardscape materials

  • concrete structures that are impermeable to rain, add to storm water runoff, flooding, and the heat island effect, therefore adding to global warming

  • plants that are: neither native or nor host plants, invasive, treated with neonicotinoids that kill insects.

Our Installs Include:

  • The sourcing, obtaining, and shipping of fine and rare native specimens from all over the state of Georgia, the east coast, and neighbouring states from over 25 different native nurseries and suppliers

  • Removal of unwanted plants, invasive plants, small trees and shrubs and their roots

  • Relocation of desired existing plants 

  • Primary and secondary soil cultivation including soil enhancement and preparation, installation, soil materials, and amendments

  • Soft landscape installation - using the finest mature specimens available for an 'instant garden' look

  • Hard landscape installation - using the most sustainable materials available

  • Organic, non dyed, plant derived (Corchorus capsularis), biodegradable, erosion control and weed block

  • Recycled material border edging

  • All natural, post-install mulch (for temporary fill-in, weed block, moisture retention)

  • Total site clean up and trash removal

  • Recycled metal permanent plant labels 

  • Certified horticulturist and designer on site throughout the entire process for quality control

  • Detailed establishment watering instructions specific to the site

  • 3 post-install care visits within 3 weeks of completion

Pricing starts at $18 per square foot 

($25000 minimum for full yards, $15000 minimum for front OR back yards, $7500 minimum for a single area)


The average traditional full yard landscaping project typically totals to roughly 5-10% of a property's value**, and the average home value in Atlanta is $346k.* = $17,000 to $34,000

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