The Process

After your initial site visit, we take a 50% design fee deposit before taking complete measurements of the site and putting the design together. The design process begins by creating a colour/hue and/or texture palette that suits the site colours/hues and/or textures. Once the colour palette is agreed upon, we will send some plant lists for each area and request that you then follow the links to see which plants you like best. Traditionally we have given clients 5 choices per area and asked clients to pick 3 they like, but because demand is so high and supply is so low right now due to COVID-19, we may ask you to pick more. Once you’ve made your plant choices and we have sourced the plants you prefer, we will put the design together.

After design is complete, you will meet again with lead designer Georgia Hill, who will show you the final plans. At that time you sign the client service agreement and put down a 50% deposit to be added to the installation schedule.