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We're For Less Lawn and Lawn Alternatives 


Lawns are beautiful and lush and they feel fantastic underfoot, but they require huge amounts of resources because all of the common lawn grasses used are non-native and they typically need fertilizing, watering, aerating, and chemicals sprayed to kill the weeds.

What we encourage is to either decrease your lawn size or replace it with other options, like moss, micro-clover mix, or low evergreen ground covers like phlox. All of these can look just as clean as lawn, are low maintenance, and actually add resources to the environment rather than draining them. Traditional lawns are pollutive, lead to hazardous runoff, create havoc for insects, and they just aren't sustainable.

The piedmont region was at one time prairie land and full of native grasses and native species, many of which have been lost. For more information go to - a fantastic local resource for moving towards polyculture and encouraging back those native flora and fauna.

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