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Welcome to the BBG family! We are Atlanta's home for fine native landscapes, offering full service design, installation, and maintenance.

We are a licensed and insured LLC, certified in horticulture, garden design, and sustainable landscapes by:


Why work with us.....

1. We are the only full-service native design build firm in the South East with their own native plant nursery so we can create completely unique designs

2. We know these plants better than anybody else so we know how they will function in your garden and we don't take risks with your money

3. We properly research your site making sure that your site plus your new plants will will be a happy marriage, standing the test of time, drought, pest pressure etc

4. We properly clear and cultivate all sites before planting, making sure the new garden will 'take' 

5. We face drainage and drought issues head on, fixing them on site instead of making them your neighbor's problem

5. Each new garden is a new member of our garden family, and we maintain them with love and affection

Why the Beautyberry name?
Because it is such a beautiful and multi-useful native plant, but also because for us beauty comes before sustenance, aka design before ecological function. Most native plant gardens are messy disaster areas enjoyed by all except the human eye.
We want your neighbors to want a garden just like yours, whether they know that it is native or not.
What is 'Fine Gardening' anyway?
Fine gardening is about going to extra mile on quality service, performance, and materials. General landscaping is about the least effort and the fastest turnover. We manage all stages of a garden's life because we want our clients to buy well and buy once. The upfront costs of working with us are recouped over the life of the garden because the plants will thrive in the long term, and prior services like lawn care and irrigation services are no longer required. We offer establishment maintenance for the first 3 years of a garden's life, after which it becomes well established, self sufficient, and only requires basic quarterly maintenance.

Why the waitlist?
We are a deliberately small company, with a limited capacity client base, and we like it that way. Our clients appreciate that we pride ourselves on reliability, integrity, and very high standards, and it shows because most of our work comes from client referrals and we don't have to advertise.

Our gardens are designed to be legacy gardens; to be passed on through generations and stand the test of time. Whether you're looking to create a rejuvenating aesthetic to your traditional home garden or simply looking to increase your home's curb appeal; we can create a beautification that is wildlife useful as well as personal to you and your home; where your neighbors will be envious, and you won't want to leave home.


We are proud professional members or supporters of:


We help our clients achieve the following certifications:

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