Client Service Agreement


  1. The client agrees to remove all non-plant items from the area such as trash, pet waste, furniture, decorations, lighting, or any other objects that might block access for cultivation. If any plants are to be relocated off the premises, the client agrees to do so in advance of the agreed installation date

  2.  The client agrees that the site is not/has not ever been classified as a brownfield site or has already been remediated.


  1. During the installation period, the client agrees to keep driveways clear and allow appropriate access to the site, connection to water mains or hose pipe, and to electrical access if needed. 

  2. As we have several asthmatics on our crew, we request that the client and their party refrain from smoking on the premises whilst we are on site.

  3. The designer will follow the agreed upon designs to the best of their ability but reserves the right to make changes to the final installation layout under the circumstances that particular plants were not available or at install there is a better plant alternative for the location.

  4. The designer takes full responsibility of installation clean-up and will replace any items that suffer damage at the        client’s expense.

  5. The designer has the option to place a company yard sign in the garden during the install and post install for a         maximum 3 week period.


  1. The client agrees to water the plants as instructed on the PDF hand out ‘ESTABLISHMENT WATERING FOR YOUR BBG INSTALLATION’

  2. The landscape designer agrees to follow up with  check-in care visits, at least twice, within the first month of            installation. This is  to make sure that the plants are happy and that the client has the correct knowledge and          confidence to carry out the instructions.

  3. The client agrees to allow access for follow-up photography visits within 5 years following the installation date




  1. The designer agrees to replace any plants that fail within the first 3 months so long as the plant deterioration is of natural means and the deterioration - browning/wilting - has been communicated to the designer upon initial discovery in a timely manner (5 days maximum). UNLESS the following items 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 have occurred:

  2.  The client has clearly not followed the instructions on the watering hand out PDF ‘ESTABLISHMENT WATERING FOR YOUR BBG INSTALLATION’. 

  3. Beautyberry Gardens will not replace any plantings that have been placed outside of the correct property boundaries including: local county road setbacks, federal stream buffers, and neighbouring privately owned properties. The rightful property owners of those lands have full jurisdiction to remove any/all of the plantings from their property.

  4. Beautyberry Gardens will not replace plants that have been eaten or damaged by wildlife. Insect and wildlife damage - although unattractive - are part and parcel of a native, ecological landscape.. Many of the plants we install are insect host plants which means - amongst other things - that insects will eat the leaves of the plants. Clients are welcome to use preventative methods like deterrents, barriers, or insecticide (ecological or otherwise) on plants if they find that their tolerance level has been tried.

  5. Pet damage to the plants is not the responsibility of Beautyberry Gardens and we will not be able to replace plants  that have died as a result of pet defecation or urination and the replacement cost will be incurred by the client. We recommend clients use prevention tactics by using signs to deter pet owners and motion activated sprinklers to deter pets.

  6. Beautyberry Gardens is not responsible for plants that have been driven over and the replacement cost will be incurred by the client.