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As a company focused on all aspects of sustainability, from an environmental sustainability perspective we are committed to doing no environmental harm and using the highest quality organic materials in all of our processes.
Every garden we work on has a bespoke design and a unique plant list and on average we spend 6 - 8 weeks sourcing native plants (or growing them for the design) from our catalog of over 1000 species for each installation from native growers around the country.​​

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Our Installs Include:

The sourcing, obtaining, and shipping of fine and rare native specimens from all over the state of Georgia, the east coast, and neighbouring states from over 25 different native nurseries and suppliers, and never ever any plant materials that contain neonicotinoids
Removal of unwanted plants, invasive plants, small trees and shrubs and their roots, to be mulched or composted
Relocation of desired existing plants
Primary and secondary soil cultivation including soil enhancement and preparation, installation, organic soil materials, and amendments
Soft landscape installation - using the finest mature specimens available for an 'instant garden' look
Hard landscape installation - using the most sustainable materials available
Organic, non dyed, plant derived (Corchorus capsularis), biodegradable fabric for erosion control and weed block
Recycled material or sustainable border edging
All natural, post-install mulch (for temporary fill-in, weed block, moisture retention)
Total site clean up and trash removal
Recycled metal permanent plant labels (if requested)
Certified horticulturist and designer on site throughout the entire process for quality control
Detailed establishment watering instructions specific to the site
Optional establishment watering system set up
2 post-install care visits within the first month of completion
Optional plant list including host plants and their respective beneficial insect relationships

....All this and we reliably finish on or before your install date....

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