The Design Timeline & Process

On Site Consultation

The process begins with an up to 2 hour site consult, survey and appraisal with a Royal Horticultural Society trained and certified horticulturist and garden designer. Includes linear survey measuring, aspect testing, service location, topography, and soil sampling (or testing if required). Will cover all site issues and solutions, safety hazards, pest and invasive control, client/site needs, design styles and site suitability.


Design Contract

We have all of our clients fill out a design contract so that both parties know what is expected out of the project and what the terms are. This document specifies exactly what is being requested by you the client and how we will meet that request.


Design Review

The design review takes place via zoom so that all parties can attend from anywhere in the world and so that all of the relevant plans, photographs, and drawings can be seen and explained.


Second Site Visit & Final Design

Most plans need some revision after the review, so we meet back on site to double check what the final design will be. Then your final design is put together and shared with you. Now it's time to make dreams come true and get installing!


Let's Work Together

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