Not your typical mow and blow landscape crew; we are a small, woman owned, family run business, specializing in bespoke native garden design and installation, and eco-friendly lawn care in Decatur, Georgia. We chose the name Beautyberry because it is such a beautiful and multi-useful native plant, but also because for us beauty comes before sustenance, as it does for all of our designs.
We are a deliberately small company, with a limited capacity client base, and we aim to keep it that way. Why? Because client satisfaction and over service is the core of our business and we are committed to providing the attention to our clients that other landscape companies often neglect. Our clients appreciate that we pride ourselves on reliability, integrity, and very high standards.
As environmentalists, we are committed to creating landscapes that are sustainable, without the use of carbon-emitting gas powered machinery, pollutive pesticides/herbicides, or chemical fertilizers that harm our fragile ecosystem. 
Certified in native plants, horticulture, and garden design, we take pride in creating designs that fit both the site and the client, providing the healthiest quality plants, and then taking the very best care of your garden after the installation. 
Using permaculture ethics, we encourage self-sufficiency and sustainability. Utilizing polyculture, good soil practices, and water management techniques, our gardens are designed to be legacy gardens, to be passed on through generations and stand the test of time. 
Whether you're looking to create a rejuvenating aesthetic to your traditional home garden or simply looking to increase your home's curb appeal, we can create a beautification that is personal to you and your home, where your neighbors will be envious, and you won't want to leave home.