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We Aim for Carbon Neutrality

We are currently building a solar panel system for charging our electrical equipment, meaning our equipment energy use will be 100% renewable by 2022. As it stands we cannot work without vehicles and there are currently no commercial vehicles that are fuelled by renewable energy for less than 45K. Lobby your senators and car manufacturers to offer commercial EVs that companies can actually afford! In the meantime we always try to keep our miles down by working as locally as possible, sourcing our materials locally, and using the smallest vehicle possible for the job.

We Aim for Zero Waste

We don't like to waste resources, including plant materials, water, soil, or anything else we come into contact with and we use the 5 Rs of waste management to prevent landfill use: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. In that respect we try to source resources without packaging, and everything else we reuse, repurpose or recycle everything else. We vehemently encourage our clients to do the same. When it comes to water waste, we make sure to limit water use and install irrigation systems that are either rain filled or use limited amounts of water. When it comes to waste left by chemicals and fertilizers, we have a strict  policy to do no harm, and this means using these either never or negligibly. 

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