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We’re Electric


All the equipment we use are either hand tools or electric tools. 

Absolutely no gas powered anything. Why? Well, here's 4 great reasons: 


1. Carbon and noxious gas emissions from gas powered landscape machinery attributes up to over a hundred times more VOCs than a car or truck. These emissions are carcinogenic and are known for causing reproductive, developmental, cardiovascular, respiratory, and central nervous system harm. Gas mowers and blowers are slowly but surely getting banned in different cities and states throughout the United States because of this and the other reasons. When you consider that Atlanta already has considerable ozone issues with so many people suffering from respiratory issues from poor air quality, it’s an absolute no-brainer to ditch the gas powered machinery. 


2. Noise emissions from gas powered machinery not only irritate us humans, they also affect our ecosystem organisms as well. One of the great things about using only electric and hand tools is that we are QUIET!! Carry on working from home, taking that zoom call, you won’t even know we’re there!


3. Massive species loss has been attributed to gas powered leaf blowing as it disrupts and kills the many organisms that use leaves and debris for nesting. Because these organisms are part of an intricate food web, we now have massive bird species loss as a result. The latest data from The National Audubon Society says that we have lost ¼ of the bird population in the last 50 years.

Check out all these awesome insects and animals that rely on leaves to survive: 

4. Ground contamination is caused when people filling machinery like mowers, spill their gasoline on the ground. Often times, people with leftover, unused gasoline that has gone ‘bad’, pour it out into the ground because they don’t know what else to do with it. The environmental impact of the gasoline runoff into our waterways is well documented.


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