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We're for Native Plants 

Native plants are the best choice for their environment because provided they are in the correct location, they are already set up to thrive in their native soil and will require limited if not finite help from irrigation, chemical pesticides, or fertilizers to be happy. Non-native plants tend to be more needy and chemical intervention is often used to help them survive. Non-natives often bring with them a host of pests and diseases that then become a problem in our ecosystem. Non-native plants often attract organisms away from native plants which leads to plant species extinction. On the other hand, some non-natives are not at all needy and are particularly good at naturalizing and become invasive, crowding out native species. Once we have a lot of problem invasives, they are commonly controlled by harmful, pollutive chemicals like Round Up (glyphosate), a known carcinogen, now banned in numerous other countries.

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