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Carex pensylvanica, commonly known as Pennsylvania Sedge, is a lovely ornamental grass that thrives in a variety of soil types, including dry, well-drained, or moist soils. 



It is a versatile plant that can adapt to both part-shade and shady growing conditions, making it an excellent choice for various landscaping projects.



This sedge typically grows to a height of 8-12 inches and spreads via rhizomes, creating a lush ground cover in gardens and naturalized areas. While Pennsylvania Sedge does not produce showy flowers, its delicate, arching foliage adds a graceful and elegant touch to any garden.



In terms of companion plants, Pennsylvania sedge pairs well with woodland wildflowers such as trilliums, ferns, and woodland phlox. Its fine texture and low-growing nature also make it an excellent choice for planting alongside other shade-loving perennials like hostas and heucheras. This versatile, low-maintenance grass is a great choice for adding texture and visual interest to your garden.


Carex pensylvanica (Pennsylvania Sedge)

Size: 1g
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