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Introducing the stunning Solidago rugosa, also known as Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod!


This beautiful perennial thrives in full sun, making it the perfect addition to any sunny garden or landscape.



It prefers well-drained soil and is tolerant of dry conditions, making it a low-maintenance plant for any gardener.


This goldenrod variety grows to a moderate size of 2-3 feet in height, making it a great addition to mixed borders or wildflower gardens.


It also makes a wonderful companion plant to asters, late season Vernonia, and native grasses.


As an added bonus, Solidago rugosa is a keystone species for beneficial pollinators and butterflies, making it a welcome addition to any garden looking to attract more wildlife.

Solidago rugosa (Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod)

May 1st 2024
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