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Introducing the beautiful Prairie Dropseed (Sporobolis heterolepsis) to add a touch of elegance to your garden!




This stunning ornamental grass thrives in well-drained soil and is best suited for areas with sandy or loamy soil types. It can tolerate dry conditions once established, making it a low-maintenance addition to any landscape.



Prairie Dropseed requires full sun to partial shade to flourish, making it a perfect choice for sunny and bright areas of your garden.



At maturity, this grass can reach heights of 2-3 feet and spread to about 18-24 inches, making it an ideal choice for borders, mass plantings, or mixed perennial beds.



The delicate, airy blooms of Prairie Dropseed appear in late summer to early fall, adding a warm golden-hued touch to your garden.


COMPANION PLANTS: This grass pairs beautifully with other prairie grasses, such as Little Bluestem or Switchgrass, as well as wildflower species like Coneflowers and Black-eyed Susans. 


So, bring a touch of the prairie to your garden with Prairie Dropseed and enjoy its beauty year after year!

Sporobolis heterolepsis (Prairie Dropseed)

May 15th
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